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Business Model Innovation

Design an innovative business model in a customer-centric, actionable way: iteration loops that connect with your market at all stages, shorten the implementation time and ensure that you build unique offers clients will buy.

Define an actionable growth strategy through a solid innovation roadmap.


Through our Growth strategy program, you will discover Business Model Innovation, an approach that allows you to recombine existing elements of your current business model while innovating on others.

Identify, design and validate innovation projects and transactional models that will feed into future business models aligned with your strategic priorities.

We will keep you and your team on track throughout your innovation journey!

Uncover business models opportunities

Step 1: Define your innovation space

Plan, research and explore

  • Planification of project scope

  • Capture of your current business model

  • Innovation objectives for your new project, strategic alignment

  • Environmental analysis to discover all the macro- and micro-trends and constraints around your new project

Step 2: Co-create new offers

New targets, new problems, new solutions

  • Consumer mapping and testing: identification of problems and needs, creation of persona

  • Value mapping and testing: identification of solutions and creation of value, validation with targets

  • Value proposition design : preparation of problem-solution fit, consumer testing

  • Iteration of alternative Business Model Canvas, validation of strategic alignment, prioritization and selection of the future business model for prototyping

Step 3: Land your new business model

Pilot, test, launch and scale

  • Prototype design: preparation of pilot test with a Minimum Viable Product
  • Experimentation plan: MVP testing with selected targets, experimentation map and board
  • Innovation roadmap preparation: next steps to launch pilot project, pivot if necessary
  • Financial model test and validation
  • Business model validation
  • Action plan: branding and marketing, consumer acquisition, engagement and retention, strategic partnerships, scale the new business

Note: To provide you with the best service in the Growth Strategy program, we may involve third party partners for specific areas.

Frequently asked questions

Business leaders are often afraid that innovation consultancy services may be highly expensive. It doesn’t have to be. At Disruptive Agent, we are convinced that transferring innovation skills to our clients shouldn’t take forever, cost fortunes, or be so complex that they need more services from us each time they want to innovate further. 

No, innovation consulting doesn’t have to be very expensive. We offer various price options that let you familiarize with the latest innovation methodologies, transform your idea into a product or service, design and implement an innovative growth strategy, or boost your internal culture of innovation. Book a free 30-minute call to discuss your objectives, and the solutions that we can offer you to stay within your budget. 

Running the daily business is time consuming enough, and your teams need to stay focused on their assignments.
By experience, we have come to witness 2 things: 1- innovation spirit can be intertwined with the fabric of the daily tasks, and not add more time to the to-do list of the team members, but they have to be taught how, 2- at some point, you will have to dedicate time to an innovation process tailored to your needs and activities.
Let’s be honest, some changes in your company need to occur, but they don’t need to be dramatic or at the expense of the daily business.

Book a free 30-minute call to discuss your objectives, and the solutions that we can offer to keep the timing reasonable.

Innovative ideas can come from every part of the organization, or outside of it, if you know how to listen and capture them. You can set up a workflow that will enable your teams to share their innovation ideas, your management to evaluate them, and your support departments to enable their creation: it doesn’t have to take forever or force you to reorganize your company top to bottom. Learn how you can implement simple processes to capture novel ideas, reward your teams with relevant criteria and a solid innovation accountability program. Book a free 30-minute call to discuss your objectives, and the solutions to create a healthy culture of innovation.

Business leaders generally know their clients and the markets they operate within very well. They are acute listeners of the current problems that need solving. With a little practice, they (and everyone in the organization that is in contact with external clients / partners / suppliers) can build on the trust existing in these relationships to uncover and prioritize which needs, obstacles, frustrations are most urgent for these stakeholders. Listening to your current clients or business partners, being able to uncover, understand, interpret their future needs, are skills that are necessary in building the next generation of your products or services. Co-creation with your clients will guarantee future revenue streams simply because you respond to a need or a pain that is rooted in your clients’ daily business. These skills can be learned, along with simple processes to facilitate them. Book a free 30-minute call to discuss your objectives, and the solutions to co-create your future offer with your clients.

Absolutely ! At Disruptive Agent, we love to teach our methods, and we are firm believers that the ability to innovate is not specific to some, but can be developed and nurtured with simple methods and processes within any type of team or personality. Training and coaching are the foundation of our services: they allow you and your teams to integrate the innovation mindset and processes, adapt them to your internal culture, and keep ahead of the competition thanks to your ability to foresee and create successful new business models.

Book a free 30-minute call to discuss your objectives with us !

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