We help tech companies design and implement tailored innovation strategies.

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Disruptive Agent helps tech companies develop their innovation expertise: by training or coaching, by transforming an idea into an innovative product or service, and by implementing an internal innovation ecosytem (innovation lab, open innovation, etc).


Co-create your future with your clients

Imagine your next generation of products, services or business models with your existing clients: innovate together, secure profitable & sustainable outlets from the get-go.

Implement your growth strategy successfully

Design an innovative business model in a customer-centric, actionable way: iteration loops that connect with your market at all stages, shorten the implementation time and ensure that you build unique offers clients will buy.

Improve your team's ability to innovate

Develop the expertise of your team members on innovation methodologies, and boost your company’s culture of innovation: enable them to become efficient intrapreneurs and innovation champions.

Learn by doing

Our hands-on approach lets you and your teams learn by doing: we love teaching our methodologies, knowledge and know-how. Mixing theory with practice allows you to gain the ability to replicate the innovation process for years to come.

Disruptive Agent helps you innovate
and grow your business


Talks & trainings

Get inspired. Learn about & train in the latest innovation methodologies.


From idea
to market

An innovation sprint to transform an idea into a profitable innovation.


Business Model Innovation

Design the future of your company with actionable growth avenues and innovation roadmaps.


Innovation Ecosystem implementation

Boost your teams and set up a new dynamic of innovation in your company to recruit and retain talent.

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